About Me


I would like to provide you with some background about myself. I am someone who usually comes across the new innovations in jobs, thoughts, and so on. Although I am very happy in my personal life, it sometimes turns out to be an issue in business life.

It’s almost 40 days that I observe Bitcoin market and I want to know how I can gain the highest value out of it. At the beginning,  the pricing was $ 19,000  per Bit. However, now it reached to $ 7,0008,000.

The same situation happen to me in the past; for instance if I buy gold and want to sell it after a couple of days, surely the global gold price will fall. I do not know why this is so. Surprisingly enough, as soon as my gold is sold, the pricing will raise rapidly.

Now I’m offering the bitcoin holders a high chance to win more value of their bitcoin; this will also give me a bit of a bitcoins to my wallet. So if the total transferred bitcoin to me is about 500– 1000 bitcoins, I will give up thinking of this business so that you earn more money out of it (i.e. the pricing of the bitcoins goes above 15,000$).

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